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Download now your copy of the application Khaldiya Cooperative Society on your app store or play store to follow up the latest news and offers ** Welcome to Al khaldiya Society ** Now you can enter your civil ID no. to find out the annual earnings ** vegetables Festival every Wednesday ** The board of directors announce the start in the service of SMS messages of the masters shareholders

Order of the Board of Directors of al Khaldiya cooperative and to coincide with the development plan and keep up with unique services provided by the General  announce the availability service of SMS messages   وذلك لربط التواصل مع المساهمين الكرام وتزويدهم ومعرفتهم بما هو جديدومميز من خلال العروض والأنشطة المختلفة ( دينية- اجتماعية – ثقافية – رياضية ) . And connect it to communicate with shareholders and provide them and their knowledge of what is new and unique through the presentations and the various activities (religious - social - cultural -Sports).

فعلى الراغبين بالاستفادة من هذه الخدمة الدخول إلى خانه خدمة SMS For those wanting to use this service to enter the SMS service betrayed     وتعبئة البيانات ومن ثم إرسالها And the mobilization of data and then send


                                                                                   مع تحي Greetings

                                                                      مجلس الإدارة Board of Directors

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